Meet Anna

photographer | designer | christian | homebody


You know how, when you scroll Pinterest or Instagram, every wedding photographer seems to look the same? After a while, you lose track of who you've seen and what you've liked because honestly - nothing has stood out to you. 

Well I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. I provide couples with confidence and trust that their future memories are in good hands, and will be captured authentically, emotionally, and naturally in a timeless aesthetic. My background and degrees in Interior Design + Graphic Design give me a different approach to photography, so that I can provide you with not only beautiful moments captured but also an eye for artistic composition and color for the best art on your walls.


When I'm not behind the lens...

There's a lot that I love about this job, but the reason why I do all of this is not just for you as my clients, but it's to create the life I dream of with my family. I want to build my own business so that I can serve my family with more time at home. Family + faith are my two priorities, and being able to serve God through this business brings me so much joy.

When I'm not working, you'll find me:

  • ​Cuddling with my dog, Lucy.

  • binging the latest season of The Bachelor

  • singing in my church band

  • making dinner for my family

  • Walking around new neighborhoods admiring houses

  • Running to Culvers with Steven for a vanilla sundae

artistic. intentional. emotional.

Kind Words

"We wanted someone to be there to capture the day exactly as it unfolded; the good, the awkward, the tears, the laughs - so that when we look back on the photos, we can relive the moments authentically.  Not only is Anna an extremely talented artist, but she is kind, gentle, and positive - which is exactly the presence you want on your wedding day."



I'm passionate about your emotions. Your feelings. Whatever you are feeling in the moment is completely valid, and I want to capture it. To me, it's not about a shot list. It's not about the "perfect shot" or pose - but rather creating and instilling trust in each of my couples to know that I genuinely care about them. When I walk into the room on your wedding day, I want you to feel calm, at ease and know that I've got this covered for you - you have nothing to worry about.

This isn't just another Anna Grace wedding, it's YOUR wedding, and it deserves to be captured with intention, thought, and care.